Questions & Answers : News Break – Max Fatchen (Form1)

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In this post , we help you to revise on some popular questions for the poem ‘News Break. We have previously posted some simple notes on the poem. If you haven’t already checked it out, You can do that now by clicking the link below:

Form 1 Poem: News Break – Max Fatchen | Vocabs, Theme & Moral values|

Here are some common questions that get asked :

1. From the line ‘ your face is clean for once’ , what can you say about ‘you’

he/she always has dirty face.

2. What do you think ‘you’ would normally do with his/her luncheon money?

spend it on food/snacks/soft drinks.

3. Who is ‘dear’?

A child

4. What normally happens to the school books when the child comes home?

The child will drop the school books everywhere.

5. In your opinion, how would the child’s clothes look like after a normal school day?

dirty / creased/ stained.

6. Who is the persona?

A parent.

7. Why does the persona ask if the child is struck by lightning?

The persona is surprised by how the child acts.

8. How do you think the persona feel when the child comes back home?


9. What might be the reason the child is acting nice that day?

The child does not want the parent to get mad at him/her because he has brought back the report card.

10. Predict the child’s result.

Not good.

11. If you were the child, would you have done the same thing? why

Yes, because I do not want to get punished. 

No, because my parents would not be mad as long as I try my best.

12. Suggest two ways to make sure we do well in school.

a) Pay attention in class.

b) Get good sleep at night.

13. Describe the relationships between the child and the parent.

They are close to each other as they spend a lot of time together.

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