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We have previously posted some simple notes on the poem The Day the Bulldozer Came. If you haven’t already checked it out, You can do that now.

Form 2 Poem: My Hero – Wilson Hall | Meanings, Vocabs, Themes & Moral values|

Below are some popular questions:

  1. What kind of person is the persona’s dad?


2. Name two things dad is not afraid of.

ghosts and skeletons

3. What does ‘telly’ refer to?


4. What will happen if a wolf-man come to get dad?

He could defeat them.

5. What is that one thing that dad is afraid of?


6. Who helps dad when there is a spider in the bathroom?


7. Who is the persona?

a child.

8. What kind of person is Mom?


9. What kind of person is the persona?


10. Why do you think most kids see their parents as heroes?

Because the adults care about their children and do many things that the kids cannot do. 

11. Do you think the mom is be afraid of something too? Why?

Yes, everyone has their own weaknesses.

12. If you are the persona, what will you do when your dad see a spider?

Help him get rid of the spider.

13. Do you think dad will still be a good father? Why?

Yes, because he still takes care of his child and help his child with many other things. 

14. In your opinion, how is the relationship between the dad and the persona?

They are close to each other.

15. Which is it important for a family to help one another?

So that all family members have someone to turn to when they are in danger. 

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