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It's me. 

I started this blog to make it easier for me to keep my teaching materials and notes for my learners. Because I'm not a very organised person, every year I promised myself to go back to some unused work sheets but I never once did.  And I ended up throwing them away. So, why not store them some where up there? I've also realised that it comes very handy for me to go over the notes whenever I want to without having to carry a ton with me. It's been going quite well on my side.

and then I thought, I might as well just share it with people in the same boat. 

So I also started a Facebook page. --> https://www.facebook.com/pt3english

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Spoiler alert:

So if you're looking for flowery and highly decorated language and teaching materials, you are on the wrong page. My learners are struggling at a rather low -intermediate level, so you will see me making more 'how to survive' or simple exercises to keep them motivated. I believe there are a lot of learners like this out there. 

Also, if you're interested to be part of the group who gets to read all the new stuff first, go fill in the boxes down below, it only takes a few simple steps I promise. 

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All right,

Whether you are here as learners or educators, I hope you like my stuff.

Terima Kasih!

Happy Learning, Happy Teaching.


Grace ♥

from PT3 English


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